And where it started

A word from our founder Alice de Muller:

I am passionate about vintage, second hand fashion and the circular economy, and have always believed that there is a very different way to sell this kind of clothing. One that is not reliant on people at home doing the lion's share of the work with regards to customer care and shipping.


I felt there was a gap in the market for a different kind of retailer, one who would own the stock outright, and therefore be able to control its journey right from source.

I wanted to marry the purchase of second hand clothing with all the perks of buying new; which means beautiful photography and packaging, quick efficient shipping, thirty days returns etc. To feel that the ownership of something used did not require any kind of compromise with regards to the experience following sale.


That is why I created Curated By; for all the thrift lovers like me who perhaps do not have time to scour charity shops in their spare time, but still want to buy fabulous clothes; a site that brings back a touch of luxury to the process of shopping pre-owned, whilst also helping the environment.


I chose the name because over many years I have curated a long and varied list of individuals within the fashion industry who feed us the unique designer and vintage pieces you see on our site.


They are as passionate about the circular economy as we are, because if everyone wore a preloved item on Christmas Day this year the C02 emissions saved would be equivalent to taking 56 million cars off the road for a day. 

That's why we scour the UK for the best fashion.

Because we value clothes, 
We value our customers,
But we also need our planet.